Why the website cannot recognize my BOM file?

1. Here is the blog to guide you how to place a PCBA order.


2. If you meet the problem while you upload your BOM file, please refer to below,

Stuck on upload BOM file like that? You can click "Cancel" to continue to upload the BOM, or click "Confirm" to modify your BOM file and then upload agian with the correct file.


To make a correct BOM content, please check below things.

  1. Check the BOM content, we only allow three row of information in the BOM, which is Designator, Manufacturer Part Number, Quantity.


  2. We only recognize commas to distinguish the designator.


  3. The designator should be  Qty.

  4. Please use Manufactured Part Number as the red circle, Do NOT use Digi-key or Mouser Part Numer.


  5. Do not include components in the BOM that you do not need us to solder onto the boards.
    This is the incorrect oneimagepng


    This is the correct one imagepng       


  6. If the system cannot match the components, please help to fill in the purchase link (you can fill in the official link or Digi-key/Mouser link).


You can download the BOM template on the block of PCB Assembly.

Fusion PCB Assembly service

Our system can only recognize a BOM file that follows our template, please make sure it is in the correct format.

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