What is Fusion PCB Stencil Fiducial Marks?

Fiducial marks (also called mark point) are designed to help with mechanical alignment, the diameter is 1mm.

  • No fiducial ---- No positioning hole on the stencil
  • Etched though --- The positioning hole ( fiducial ) through the stencil
  • Half Etched --- The positioning hole ( fiducial ) through the half of the stencil, which means you can see the positioning hole ( fiducial ) only on one side.
  • Normally, if your paste printer machine is 100% automatically, you should choose "Etched though". For semi-auto or manually paste printer, "No fiducial" or "Etched though" is good. If your stencil is used to print glue, we would suggest you choose "Half Etched".

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